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How Exactly Do Mesh WiFi Systems Work?

Mesh WiFi systems have been gaining steam in the marketplace and it is time for us to pay some attention. A lot of people are beginning to see the advantages of mesh WiFi systems. A traditional WiFi setup typically has one singular router that directs signals to various devices. It works as a singular access point that directs traffic. Therefore, if you want to add another router to boost the signal to certain areas in your home, you will either need to add an access point which will come with its own new SSID or a wireless repeater which can degrade the signal.

How Does Mesh WiFi Work:

Mesh WiFi systems solve the problem many people have in their homes. Because mesh WiFi comes with different ‘nodes’ that you place around your home, it effectively boosts the coverage area that you are able to achieve. Each node is capable of providing Internet access to devices in your home. Therefore, no one router is directing traffic for your entire network. Instead, each node is capable of operating on its own and each can effectively communicate with one another in order to direct which node will provide the strongest signal to devices in your home.

Advantages of Mesh Systems:

Eero Mesh WiFi System1. Better Coverage.

The biggest problem that mesh systems solve is the ability to provide much better coverage throughout a large home. This is particularly true when it comes to providing coverage in homes with a multi-level layout. Because each node is capable of communicating with one another, it is not going to force you to place a router on a level and sacrifice the signal strength on another level. Instead, you will be able to get the same coverage throughout your home.

2. Singular Network.

Another advantage of this type of setup is the ability to have one singular network throughout your home without having to set up and constantly change SSID’s on your devices as you move throughout your home.

Mesh WiFi systems are ideal for those that are looking for complete coverage throughout their homes without worrying about dead spots.

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