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The Science Behind Our Cases

We use our mobile devices all the time to do all kinds of things.

There are 690 million Google searches from mobile phones per day. It’s true. We googled it. 2.7 hours per day are spent socializing on our mobile phones – twice the time we spend eating.  

15.7 billion texts are sent each month. That’s 363,426 per minute or 6,057 right this second. 200 million YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices each day. That’s a lot of cat videos.

 Pong Cell Phone Cases

Mobile phones and other mobile devices produce radiation in order to operate.

Government Regulations

Did you know the U.S. Federal Communications Commission regulates the amount of radiation a mobile device can emit?

Technical Jargon

EMR stands for electromagnetic radiation. It’s what your mobile devices use to communicate. 

Mobile phone Instructions

Apple and Blackberry warn users to keep their mobile phones nearly an inch away from their bodies due to radiation.

 Over half of mobile phone radiation can be absorbed into your head and body.

Absorption into head & Body – Studies have shown that you can absorb 48 to 68% of the radiation from your mobile devices.

Technical Jargon

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and it measures the radiofrequency (RF) energy absorbed by human tissue. Possible Carcinogen:

The World Health Organization classifies mobile phone radiation as a “possible carcinogen.”

  • Pong technology reduces your exposure to unnecessary radiation.

     Radiation Redistribution – Pong technology is custom-designed for each mobile device and works to redirect radiation away from your head and body.

    Technical Jargon

    TRP stands for Total Radiated Power. Our mobile devices need it, but our bodies don’t. 

    signal strength

    Pong technology reduces exposure to radiation while optimising our mobile reception. 

  • Pong is the only case that protects people.

     Fcc-certified Laboratories – Tested in FCC-certified laboratories, Pong is the only mobile device case proven to reduce your exposure to radiation while still protecting your signal strength. TMI stands for Too Much Information. If you’ve made it this far, you know what we’re talking about.

    protecting people

    Pong is a science company that puts people first.