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Pong is included on @MamaAsh77’s The Pregnant Mama’s Wish List for the Holidays! http://bit.ly/ShGj5VPong Research

Love my Pong case on my iPad 3, but I have an opportunity to upgrade to an iPad 4, so I’m hoping the iPad3 case fits on an iPad 4. Does it?rjmfrisco

ordered @pongcase yesterday and can not wait until it arrives. at that point, i will be free from 93% of mobile device radiation.KENTON

@pongcase You were right, we love them. Got them in the mail a couple days ago. Great cases.Dave White Fine Art

@pongcase makes a great #holiday gift!Meghan Telpner Inc.

@pongcase Ordered Monday, came in today (Friday). Solid case, just like my last one. Can’t put a price on peace of mind.neonsox

Does your child play with your iPhone/iPad/Blackberry? Pong Research radiation reducing cases would make… http://fb.me/1p6YNm4rlOneSmileyMonkey

@SarahRae20 and I ordered a new @pongcase can’t wait to get it Ken

@KeithNBC6 @nbc6 @PamNBC6 Well, @pongcase has a rugged case & while it’s not waterproof, it helps protect the user from brain cancer Luru™

Dear Pong Research,

After 6 months of use of the original Pong case (before the Rugged case), I returned to my old Otterbox defender case missing the durability and toughness of the Otterbox. I noticed a significant difference in the Otterbox as far as general energetic changes, discomfort around the head finalized by a punishing headache effect lasting two days (unique to cellphone usage) following a 45 minute conversation. I can’t imagine anyone being unaware of discomfort from cellphones.

Thank you. You are not only saving lives but, more importantly, increasing quaility of life for those who absolutely must use their cellphones for business.

Many blessings,

Michael E.
(family currently owns 3 Pong cases)

Cool! #safecell RT @erinschrode: Super excited about my new @PongCase #iPhone case! Reduces cell / wifi #radiation + optimizes reception.Teens Turning Green

A cancer doctor recommended @pongcase phone & tablet cases to me. Supposed to cut down on radiation. On sale right now: http://tinyurl.com/cwmo4fgLauren DeMarco Fox 5

Super excited about my new @PongCase #iPhone case! Reduces cell / wifi #radiation + optimizes reception. Use code cyber20 to save $20 today!Erin Schrode

What are your favorite cyber monday sales? Here’s one that I highly recommend by Pong Research. Love their iPhone… http://fb.me/1oJV0rFNbThriving Lifestyle

Just got my iPhone case from @Pong_Research Best iPhone cases EVER!Petite Planet

RT @costidakis: Got my @pongcase in the mail today and I love it! I’m ordering 4 more cases tonight for the whole family for Christmas!Pong Research

.@pongcase thank you again for amazon customer support, great looking cases, and the protection your cases offer.greenguns

Baller! Just bought one: Pong Research Products @pongcase: Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android Cases http://www.pongresearch.com/products.html#.UK-b1AYQl-s.twitterEric Blair-Joannou

Got my Pong cover today! #Pong#PongResearchjbast25

A6 @Listen2Lena using my @pongcase cover and I toss it in my bag. #BlackFridayCAEverythingMomandBaby

@pongcase #Pongsgiving! That rules. Happy Pongsgiving to you too. Thanks for all the delicious products. http://pic.twitter.com/tzWVThkSRyan Edsall

I can’t wait to get my iPhone case from Pong Research. I did a review for them last year for their iPad cover so… http://fb.me/1kPCyCfizEverythingMomandBaby

Pong Research iPhone 5 Case [unboxing + review]ncrashb1

@pongcase This is why new mothers need to know about your cases!http://www.circleofmoms.com/article/study-shows-cell-phone-use-poses-danger-fetuses-05779?trk=digest_editorial_5790&email_enc=mdShzsuUp8vUx9qmydXVoJqdzmbO2aA%253D&email_src=13534213868403b13e26876ce3c3fce2c27677d186&template_name=digest_weekly_4&subject_id=8b6bab2200bc0ffceeb8da5f3c80e59e:0&cc_id=f_5790&has_fb=1#_EverythingMomandBaby

@dukemcbain • @wired did extensive @pongcase testing: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/10/cellphone-radiation-testing/ – have an old one on J’s 4S. Gonna pickup one for my 5 in the US.Josh Newman

Speedtest on an ipad 3 with a @pongcase on Reliance 3G. A must buy case! @varunkrish @rajatagr @AtulChitnis @Sahilbgr http://pic.twitter.com/K1rllpzEBD

@dukemcbain nice. Did you buy local or order online? As a tinfoil-hat wearing #EMF hypochondriac, I fully believe in @pongcase tech.Josh Newman

I’m impressed with my new iPhone 5 #pong case. My battery life has significantly improved. @pongcaseLuke McLean

shoutout to @pongcase for reducing the exposure of radiation and conserving battery life!! go get pong cases!!!Beatrix Kiddo

This is on my Xmas wishlist from @pongcase . I keep putting my phone next to my pregnant belly in my pocket :(http://www.pongresearch.com/EverythingMomandBaby

Thanks to @pongcase for delivering my new case that reduces cellphone radiation by 91% http://pic.twitter.com/s778wbLjLuru™

Shout out to @pongcase for keeping my iPhone undamaged as it flew from my hooves in a frenzy of tweeting last night. #lesscaffeinein2016The Wall Street Bull

@pongcase Great! I ordered my Pong iPad 2 case only a couple of days before the new iPad was announced, so I’m sticking with it & a mini.Alexis Masters

“@pongcase: Should pregnant women avoid using cell phones? http://exm.nr/RNjnWq via @examinercom” interesting read for you curious catsdragonflyy1004

@habitualtech the @pongcase is excellent on all devices…not sure if I qualify as a credible source, but I’m a happy, confident user!Lisa Borden

Great tips @igamemom! It’s a little more spendy, but I’ve been coveting the @pongcase for awhile now. Thoughts?Austin City Little

Just preordered my @pongcase for my iPhone5! This girl is pretty excited! #brainsrock loldragonflyy1004

@stass @jacktripper20 and anyone else looking for #dope #iPhone5 #case check out @exovault cases. You care bout your #nutts get a @pongcaseJay Ny

@Raw_Hive: Could Cell Phone Radiation Cause Cancer? http://bit.ly/WR05nh” @pongcase thought you would like this articledragonflyy1004

@pongcase still end of October on iPhone 5 cases? I’m not buying the phone till the Pong case is ready!Erin

Does anyone have a Pong iPhone Case?If so, do you like it?They have pretty big claims…http://ow.ly/dUySK | @pongcaseTony Michael

The Davis Daily Dose: Pong iPhone 4S Case Review-An iPhone case designed to protect YOU as well as your phone @pongcase http://ow.ly/e4e3yKimberley Davis

Pong iPhone 4S Case Review-An iPhone case designed to protect you while optimizing your signal. @pongcase http://ow.ly/e1jxtKimberley Davis

Pong Research Apple iPhone 4 Case & Reviewghtspace

@momntwins Yep, they told me to go there. Need to do some research. Want to see what @pongcase has. Also haven’t decided on carrier.Peggy O. Butler

@pongcase can you enlighten my friend @stass13 on how #pong technology works! #truthshallsaveyournuttsJay Ny

Pong Research Apple iPhone 4 case Unboxing & Review2freshmedia

Pong Rugged Case for iPhone 4 – hands-on reviewtwingeeksvideo

RU ready 4 Version 5 of iphone? Here’s list of what to expect-maybe! Protect self from EMT’s & use @pongcase! http://ow.ly/dIzQ3real food real life

@pongcase u r most welcome& have a nice day2I’m super excited, looking forward 2 get a new #pongcase Rugged Case Type for new #iPhone5YOUSEF ALSAADI

Probably going to order this $2.29 chinese iPhone 5 ‘case’ to tide me over until my @pongcase ships in October: http://www.focalprice.com/IP1823B/Protective_Clear_Case_for_iPhone_5_Black.htmlJosh Newman

Thank goodness for @pongcase! Take protective measures for the #technology we cant live without! More info & evidence! http://www.areyouzapped.com/Ann Louise Gittleman

@pongcase I got my case without any problem, thank you very much. Great customers service :))))Uygar Kilic

The @PongCase Research Anti Radiation Case for iPhone 4 & 4S Review http://www.slinkystudio.info/reviews/2012/5/7/pong-research-anti-radiation-case-for-iphone-4-4s-review.htmlSlinkyStudio

@organicvixen #ecoglam This @pongcase knows how to tame that cell phone radiation! http://ow.ly/1OuRPVLYT NYC

@pongcase is hitting the social scene in Berlin. Where are you tonight? #IFA2012 http://pic.twitter.com/zqtXyArqEleanor Vaughn

Pong Research – Smartphone Case – Hands-On – IFA 2012 – androidnext.deandroidnext

“@WildestFacts: Frigensophobia is the fear that using your cell phone is damaging your brain.”- if this is the case get @pongcaseJay Ny

Have to say, I am loving my new iPhone case from @pongcase. My reception is amazing! #awesomeAmy Wall

My @pongcase for my iPhone is badly cracked.I’m so sad.If u don’t know about pong,google them.Amazing cases that reduce radiation exposureAudra_B

Pong Research – Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals – Leesburg, VA …I love my PONG white rugged case! My brand new one broke (it fell not too far from my purse). And Customer Service exchanged it for the…

Read @girlabouttech’s latest review of Pong phone cases for the iPhone 4 and 4s http://wp.me/p1wKmI-e8Ideal Home

Review: Pong phone case for iPhone 4/4s http://wp.me/p1wKmI-e8girlabouttech

Who owns a cell phone? Do yourself an amazing favor and check these guys out. Their cases block up to 90% of the radiation coming off of your cell phone. I spent numerous hours searching for cell phone radiation protection and this company seems to be the best. Save yourself from the harmful effects of radiation, (especially if your young ones talk on/use your phone, they are much more susceptible) much effects which we no little about as no long term studies were done before the advent of cell phones.Brandt Garner

TRP stands for Total Radiated Power. Your mobile devices need it, but your body doesn’t. I use a @pongcase http://ow.ly/d445jLisa Borden

I uploaded a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/G4DpaYvo-No?a Review: Pong Rugged Case for iPhone 4/4SAnthony DiGiovanni

I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/V_3mP1DviuY?a The Pong iPad Case – A ReviewRobert Najafabadi

The Healthy Voyager Reviews Pong Radiation Reducing Iphone and Ipad Casesthehealthyvoyager

How to use your Pong iPad casepongcase

The Huffington Post UK says that “For the feel and strength of the Pong case alone it’s among our favourites of year.” http://huff.to/P7JSJ7Pong UK

Finally got my Pong iPhone case!!! #pongresearch #iphone #brainhealthSamuel Blasco

The Blue Rugged iPhone 4/4S case from Pong Research. Review coming in a week. #ios #iphone #pongresearch #reviewAnthony D

Love the packaging of this case #pongresearch #iphone #case #reviewAnthony D

5 of the best multi-purpose iPhone accessories | Stuff magazineAug 8, 2012 … 5 of the best multipurpose iPhone accessories – Pong Rugged. Pong Rugged case. US$80, pongresearch.com. As well as prov…

A Better iPhone CaseAug 8, 2012 … While I have been using the original case with no problems, I was excited to try the more “kid and clumsy mom” friendly…

The Blue Rugged iPhone 4/4S case from Pong Research. Review coming in a week. #ios #iphone #pongresearch #re http://instagr.am/p/OE6l6QumcX/Anthony DiGiovanni

Could This iPhone Case Save Your Life? http://huff.to/PJUNnlHuffPostUKTech

Important product!! RT @lisaborden: Get these –> RT @pongcase: Free Shipping on all cases. Use FREE at check out! http://ow.ly/cHvQyIris Zimmer

Get these –> RT @pongcase: Receive Free Shipping on all Rugged cases. Use FREE at check out! http://ow.ly/cHvQyLisa Borden

@pongcase I actually love the case, it’s a solid tough build case.

Pong Case http://instagr.am/p/NtxOTqjPZa/

Pong case http://instagr.am/p/NtxIuPjPZU/

Got my pong case today http://instagr.am/p/NtxEETDPZS/

Got my pong case today #happytweet

@PongCase – Thank you for allowing us to do a review of your wonderful case!Erika Gilliam

@pongcase Thank you so much for this. By far the best case I’ve ever used and I really don’t like cases. LOL. This one is a KEEPER!Cliff Wade

@pongcase seriously Pong, your iPhone cases are the best!Robin Cox

I’ve had several iPhone cases, and I have always found @Pongcase to be the best (I have 5 for my family). the new rugged is their best yetRobin Cox

Looking for a better cell phone case? One that protects you from cell phone radiation? Check out @pongcase http://www.pongresearch.com/Jessie M

Pong Research Case for Galaxy Nexusrootzwikitv

Thx Pong Research for the package! Stay tuned for the review and visuals on FKNFMS! #pong #pongresearch #fknfms #fknfmsmag #fknfamous #allfkndayfknfmsmag

Pong Research iPhone Anti-radiation Case Unboxingtechnologyblogged

My PONG iphone case just arrived #happydays…fab for anyone who doesn’t want to die from radiation! http://www.pongresearch.com/products.htmlSarah Holden

Look forward to getting my @pongcase! Thanks for the recommendation @MarsVenus. #health #ewnconfLisa Russell

Don’t radiate your brain! RT @pongcase: Reducing cell phone radiation without compromising reception http://ow.ly/c9jj7 via @VirginiaChiroDr. Dolly Garnecki

protective case – GadgetLite – Latest gadgets and technology newsJul 9, 2012 … Mophie Rugged Juice Pack PRO: Rugged case that protects your iPhone and … Pong radiation reducing iPhone case for the…

New Iphone Case!! #pong #iphone http://instagr.am/p/MLRiaChv1P/SpenceJiStewart

A cell phone case that reduces radiation exposure while optimizing signal strength – Brilliant! http://bit.ly/MzEfyKLynelle Cameron

Pong Unveils World’s Most Advanced iPad Case | Gadgets News http://bit.ly/LCX70dHigh Quality

Pong Research: The Case for People http://bit.ly/M3PfpbMark Stouse

Pong Research iPad case claims to boost wireless reception | iPad …Jun 13, 2012 … Tired of weak 3G/4G and Wi-Fi signals? This case might help. It's also a multiconfiguration iPad stand and a radia…

Pong is a win-win-WIN!Pong might be the most important accessory you’ll ever get for your wireless device. Sure, there are all sorts of reasons why people buy …

@katrinevanwyk not only do I use and love @pongcase, but I buy them as gifts for others. #PrecautionIsPreventionLisa Borden

Interesting radiation shield product from Pong Research… Who’s tried it? http://bit.ly/N8VNoJKatrine van Wyk

#health #healthyliving #iPhone Did u know cell phones are Class 2B carcinogen? get the right phone coverhttp://www.pongresearch.com/iphone-4-4s-pong-soft-touch-case.htmlSophie Azouaou

Pong and your iPad-What a matchWe are always on the lookout for a good iPad case; especially for the original iPad; since my Princess is using that mostly to watch a mo…

Improve your new #iPad signal, download and upload speed with the new Pong case! http://pic.twitter.com/VN3toJmJAspire Distribution

Pong Research Iphone Case Reviewparentpalace

If you have a Smart phone check this site out, protect yourself from EMF’s, I believe it is a real concern!www.pongresearch.com Pamela Fletcher

Pong Research iPad casemisterishii

Review: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Soft Touch Pong Case by Pong …May 14, 2012 … Review: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Soft Touch Pong Case by Pong Research. May 14, 2012. Let's be honest, you want to pro…

Impressed with the Pong iPhone case for reducing radiation and improving cell reception – http://bit.ly/KTeMh4Jonathan Bruck

Our Managing Directors iPhone is Pong protected @pongcase an essential for all business users on the go! http://pic.twitter.com/erMrw5S0Aspire Distribution

@pongcase 3 of us in the office have a Pong and we love them!!!!!Live in the Now

First #iphonecase I’ve ever put on my #iphone4. @pongcase nice work! http://pic.twitter.com/YhNelGhyDaniel Clutterbuck

@pongcase no problem. I can actually tweet now your case has given me a signal in my office!Daniel Clutterbuck

Just got my new @pongcase for my @BlackBerry 9900. 99% radiation free. My nutts thank you pong ;)Jay Ny

@FaithsPa @pongcase @BlackBerry That’s an awesome case. I use it all the time.Ryan Edsall

My pretty, new @pongcase came today! It is SO great, and no hot ear from talking! Yay!Erin

Our whole company is equipped with them now! #employeebenefits RT @pongcase: @MeghanInc @meghantelpner Love it! Looks great!Meghan Telpner Inc.

@pongcase Thank You so much for the GREAT CASES You Sent Over! I’m using them now!! Xoxo http://pic.twitter.com/KsP7oUidErica Cerra

Michael W Smith Concert – Greensboro, NC – talking about Pong Researchpongcase

Club MomMe – Blog – Making Cell Phones Safer (and More Attractive): The Pong Cell Phone CaseA funny thing happens when a little one sees a cell phone: their eyes light up and they stop everything they are doing to wrap their litt…

Best iPhone 4 Case Soft Touch Pong Case | KobisoCould you live without your iPhone? Many people will answer no and some might say maybe but I have never run across anyone that will say …