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Pong Research iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini Case and Cover

Big Pong® protection for your iPad Mini®. Reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, while improving your Wi-Fi reception & maximizing your 4G performance.


Tech Specs

  • Reduces your exposure to cellular radiation by up to 91% below the international safety limit.
  • Boosts 4G signal strength by up to 13.2X compared to any other case.
  • Extends LTE range by up to 3.6X compared to any other case.
  • Accelerates upload speeds by up to 5X compared to any other case.
  • Reduces your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation by up to 82%.
  • Enhances Wi-Fi reception by up to 2.2X.
  • Extends Wi-Fi range by up to 1.5X.


  • Unique body sensor compatible design.
  • Plush NanoLiner interior cushions your iPad Mini®.
  • Durable leather look and feel cover contains automatic sleep/wake technology.
  • Origami cover folds into multiple configurations: Choose the ideal position for typing, browsing or watching videos.

How it works

Did you know that, in order to comply with the FCC’s wireless radiation exposure safety limits, Apple® engineered the iPad Mini® to contain a human body sensor that limits the iPad’s® cellular antenna power whenever it gets close to the body? But, because the sensor can’t tell a body from any other solid, all cases also trigger the sensor. This results in reduced 4G signal and slower upload speeds.

    • The Pong® iPad Mini® case is uniquely engineered to be the only case compatible with the human body sensor.
    • Use your iPad Mini® the way Apple® designed it!
    • Gives you more power, extended range and faster data transfer versus any other case.

AND embedded within the Pong® iPad Mini® case is an ultra-thin flexible printed circuit board (fPCB) antenna that reduces your exposure to potentially harmful radiation, by redistributing and diffusing the wireless radiation from the iPad’s® cellular and Wi-Fi antennas. This patented technology has the added benefits of improved Wi-Fi reception, that allows you to stay connected further from your router.

This case works with all versions of the iPad Mini: Wi-Fi only (model A1432) and Wi-Fi + Cellular (models A1454 & A1455).

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