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A Few DIY Cell Phone Case Ideas

A brand new cell phone is always a fabulous thing to have, but it really becomes your own once you have a great cell phone case to accessorize it with. And what personalized your cell phone more than a DIY case? In this article, we are going to share some fabulous ideas when it comes to whipping up your very own cell phone case.

1. Make Use of a Glue Gun

For the first DIY cell phone case idea that we will mention, you will need to have a glue gun and, of course, glue sticks to place inside. You can find a glue gun and glue sticks that will work perfectly for this project at a craft store such as JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, or even Wal-Mart. You only need to spend about $15, which is less expensive than most cell phone cases that you can purchase.

Once you have your glue gun all ready to go, grab your cell phone. This next step may alarm you, but don’t worry. Your cell phone is safe! Take your phone and lay it face-down. You will then need to outline the device with glue. Fill in the outline, and then allow this to dry. When you turn your phone over, you will have a new and fabulous cell phone case made of glue! It is stretchy and your phone will be able to pop in and out of it without tearing. If you would like to add even more personalization, take some nail polish (we recommend a light pink or silver that contains glitter) and gently run it over the glued case. Let this dry, and then you have a case that is truly spectacular!

2. Tie It Up

Our second DIY cell phone case idea requires the use of a tie. If you have some old ties laying around, this project is perfect for you. Otherwise, we recommend visiting your local dollar store in order to get a very inexpensive tie.

Notice the back of the tie. See how there is a slot there? Fold up your tie so that the slot is contained on the inside, and the point of the tie comes up and over. This will be the front flap of your cell phone case. With a sewing needle and some thread, hand-sew the tie closed but stop when you get to the top (which will be covered by the front flap. If you like, install some snaps using your sewing needle and thread so that you can snap your case closed and protect your phone. Of course, you can always visit CellularBarn and buy a ready-made case, but where is the fun in that?

The good thing about this cell phone case? It is extremely easy to make and it costs very, very little. And you have tons of colors and designs at your disposal when it comes to ties.

In conclusion, if you have a brand new cell phone, it just makes sense that you should personalize it with your very own cell phone case. And making your own? Well, that just makes it all the better! Good luck!