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iPhone Dual Sim Cards

The iPhone Dual SIM could be a reality this year

Many people have a second phone for work reasons. In this way, it manages to separate professional life from personal life. The problem with this is having to carry two mobiles all the time, which can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. At least, that’s the way it was before the arrival of Dual SIM devices. […]

Google Wifi Mesh System

How Exactly Do Mesh WiFi Systems Work?

Mesh WiFi systems have been gaining steam in the marketplace and it is time for us to pay some attention. A lot of people are beginning to see the advantages of mesh WiFi systems. A traditional WiFi setup typically has one singular router that directs signals to various devices. It works as a singular access […]

DIY Cell Phone Cases

A Few DIY Cell Phone Case Ideas

A brand new cell phone is always a fabulous thing to have, but it really becomes your own once you have a great cell phone case to accessorize it with. And what personalized your cell phone more than a DIY case? In this article, we are going to share some fabulous ideas when it comes […]

Pong Case iPhone 6 Review

Iphone 6 Pong Case Review – Excellent Results

In this video review, I include a full unboxing, speed tests, and some final thoughts of the Pong Case for the iPhone 6. I think this case is a huge improvement from their previous case and it is well worth it. The signal strength is quite significant and holds on tightly to the phone. The […]

Pong Research iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini Case and Cover Big Pong® protection for your iPad Mini®. Reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, while improving your Wi-Fi reception & maximizing your 4G performance.   Tech Specs Reduces your exposure to cellular radiation by up to 91% below the international safety limit. Boosts 4G signal strength by up to 13.2X compared […]

Pong Radiation Case Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 International Case

Samsung Galaxy S3 International Case This case is not for use with any United States cell phone carriers for the Samsung GALAXY S III. Who says science can’t have style? Form-fitting and lightweight, thePong case is equipped with technology that optimizes your GALAXY S III’s signal strength, conserves battery life and reduces your radiation exposure. […]